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  • Sponsored Post: Granting a Wish with Sears

    KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS CONTEST ENDS AT 11:59 PM ON DECEMBER 23, 2009. ALL PARTICIPATION AFTER THE FACT WILL NOT BE COUNTED. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This post is a sponsored post on behalf of Sears via Izea. The opinions are mine. The economy is tough right now, and in my personal life, things are as […]

  • Jeremiah Owyang Inserts Foot In Mouth (Again) Over IZEA Sponsored Posts

    Rarely do I go after individual people on this blog. There have been a few occasions, but I prefer to talk about issues and not people. However, when the errors of a person are so egregiously over the top, I have a need to say something. This was the case over the weekend with Forrester […]

  • IZEA, Social Spark and Redemption

    Update: This contest is now closed. IZEA is one of those companies that everyone loves to hate. Why? Well… PayPerPost, the ill concieved program that when launched offered to pay bloggers for reviews of companies and products without disclosure and requiring positive reviews. Many stories have been written about PayPerPost over the years, most of […]

  • SXSW Beatbox

    Yep, the SXSW posts seem to keep coming. My friends over at IZEA put this video together. (Disclaimer: This is not a paid review! ;-) ) Anyways, great footage, hilarious video. Yours truly pulls a paparazzi move at the end.