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  • My Three Tiered System to Job Searching

    My Three Tiered System to Job Searching

    Over the past months, since I parted with WP Engine, I have entertained many inquiries about my availability for other full-time roles. And I literally mean many. It’s been a great problem to have, frankly, and I consider myself blessed to have these inquiries while so many others continue to struggle to find work. I […]

  • John Smith for President

    Chesapeake Bay Foundation has its own presidential nominee. Forget Obama or McCain or Nader or what’s that other guy. Captain John Smith is running for President and he needs your help. That’s right, Capt. John Smith of colonial days. His love of the Chesapeake Bay and the environment extends to today. Smith, when asked about […]

  • Lessons from Wall*E

    Normally, I would not do movie reviews on this site. I would generally use aaronbrazell.com which is much more of a personal site than this. However, there are quite a lot of lessons and hidden agenda items (good and bad) in Wall*E that I think are applicable. If you’re afraid of spoilers, you might not […]