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  • For Your Election Night Fun

    Election night is around the corner and with it comes all the fun. You can either watch the talking heads make early predictions (such as calling New York State within a minute after polls close) or you can head to the intarwebs for some fun. Unfortunately, we won’t have the Tim Russert whiteboard to keep…

  • Swing State Voter Calendar

    If you’re in Maryland, as I am, or one of most other states in the Union that are not really in play, then you can keep moving. However, if you are in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico or Nevada (states that are swing states according to Politico’s…

  • The Best Pro-Obama McCain Ad EVAR

    It should be said that maybe the McCain campaign needs to go back to marketing school. This is the strangest opposition video I’ve ever seen in a campaign.