If you want value, don't listen to dnScoop

There’s an interesting new service out there that everybody’s talking about. Trouble is, Seth Godin is the only one call an apple an apple.

The service is dnscoop and it’s respectable enough to be on a shared host that never seems to be up. When you can get to the website, the idea is yet another website valuation tool and, if it’s in the least bit accurate, my sale of Technosailor should have easily hit the 5 figure number I was asking for because it should be worth $198k.

The problem is, this valuation tool is absolutely worthless – about as worthless as the share host he is on. The thing that bothered me the most about my attempt at selling Technosailor were the bidders who in essence looked at site value purely on revenue. It’s never that cut and dry and anyone who expects to get money from a site needs to understand that a lot more goes into monetization than simply sitting back and hoping to collect revenue. Continue reading “If you want value, don't listen to dnScoop”