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  • Twitter is Dead, Long Live Twitter

    A year ago today, Twitter was something that many communicators were just trying to wrap their heads around. It was a new form of communication that was threatening to upset the precious fiefdom that they had built up over years and that had been taught in universities. A year ago today, Twitter was something that […]

  • It's Not Necessarily Who You Know

    In the world of social media, there has been a dramatic shift in how business ideas and implementations get done. David Armano touches on it today where he suggests that knowing the influencers will get you much farther in your effort. In that case, it’s up to all of us to find them. Perhaps take […]

  • Viral Marketing”¦are you sick yet?

    So often buzz words turn into marketing terms. Often enough, the strongest of the marketing terms become engrained into our everyday speech. Viral Marketing is one of the latest. Marketingterms.com defines Viral Marketing as: “œMarketing phenomenon that facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message.” Ironically, medterms.com defines something that is Viral as: […]