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  • Writing for B5 Media – Come on over to Startup Spark

    Hello all, just wanted to let you know that I have been offered an opportunity to write for a great blog on the B5 Media Network. The blog is called Startup Spark and is similar to Venture Files but is a broader version on all types of entrepreneurship. I invite you to check it out […]

  • Leadership Lessons: When the CEO is synonymous with the brand

    There are different types of CEO’s out there. Some are the operational types who crunch the numbers, those who are sales people at heart, those who are visionaries who guide a company in new directions and many more variations of these major archetypes. Then there are what I call “luminaries”. Luminaries are those leaders that […]

  • An Entrepreneur's View: 5 Things Digg needs to do or it will die in 2008

    I was guest blogging for my friend Aaron Brazell who writes Technosailor. We live near each other and run into each other at Starbucks living the Bedoin lifestyle. We talk alot about the techology scene and I made the comment that Digg would be dead or made irrelevant by next year. So he challenged me […]

  • FOWA Presentation on Venture Capital

    I saw this presentation that Ben Holmes of Index Ventures gave at the FOWA Conference in London “Everything you need to know about Venture Capital“… He put his slides on slideshare so take a look. (BTW, Slideshare rocks) Here is an entrepreneur’s take on the slideshow: Think of this as liner notes if an entrepreneur […]

  • As an entrepreneur, "NO" from a VC is a good thing

    In the blogosphere, there is some buzz as to why VC’s don’t say no. There has been early writing on this topic, but Stu Phillips of Ridgelift Ventures and his entry, Getting to NO!, is getting a lot of buzz. I would like to add the entrepreneur’s perspective on the conversation. In my experience, the […]

  • Social Networking 4.0 – Meta Social Networks

    Social Networking has gone through three phases so far and I firmly believe that we are at the beginning of the fourth phase. I refer to these first three phrases from Dave Hornik’s seminal blog entry “Social Networks 3.0” written in December 2005. I accept his interpretation of the first three phrases as follows: Social […]

  • Is the "Cult of Apple" really a cult? – Part 2

    In the first part of this post I was talking about an article called “The 8 Marks of a Cult” and took with a sense of humor how Apple might size up to this analysis originally written in 1961. So let’s take the remaining 4 Marks and see how they shape up… Mark #5 – […]

  • Is the "Cult of Apple" really a cult? – Part 1

    As an avid Mac user and a new convert to all things Apple, I have experienced the RDF (Reality Distortion Field) first hand at MacWorld last year during the key note when Steve Jobs launched of the MacBook Pro (which I am using right now). I have seen many books on the “Cult of Mac” […]

  • iPhone Lawsuit – Kettle? Please meet the pot.

    I find it ironic that during the Macworld Keynote yesterday where Steve Jobs boasted about the 200 patents for the iPhone and how they would enforce them that they get a lawsuit for the one thing they couldn’t protect. So Kettle, please meet the pot. It will be a fun topic of discussion and give […]

  • 5 Reasons I will NOT buy an iPhone

    As I watched the keynote live and looked at the flash demos on the Apple site, it occurred to me…. This phone is not for me. Why? Because I am a business person and a techie. SO WHO WILL BUY IT? : Consumers that have money to spend that will look at the price of […]