Aaron Brazell

Phone: 443-456-1056
Email: aaron@technosailor.com

Summary of Experience

Founder and Lead Editor of industry leading internet technology publication. Respected among elite web technology writers and publications as an influencer. Technosailor.com is considered to be among top marketing, entrepreneurial and social media publications on the web.

Former Director of Technology for a global internet media company. Responsible for a technical team comprised of systems administrators, software engineers and vendors. Identified projects and goals, assessed specs and organized team around deliverables.

Documented experience with emerging web technologies and concepts, and respected as an early adopter and expert in grassroots technologies.

Well Published and Recognized expert in the areas of citizen journalism and social networking, particularly in the use of the blog as a communications medium. In addition, expertise has been tapped to write regular columns for several well-respected internet sources.

Key Related Accomplishments

  • Successfully built and managed a large multi-author technology and business blog
  • Successfully managed the deployment of tools to support and integrate a large network of website.
  • Managed the development of a network traffic and user consumption-oriented dashboard for executive management and venture capital investors.
  • Responsible for the deployment and maintenance of over 350 individual websites with varying levels of traffic and demand.
  • Often called on to present and discuss a variety of topics surrounding social media, blogging and web technologies.
  • Worked with the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs Office to provide critical feedback on the effectiveness of communications by public affairs units across the service.

Key Areas of Consideration

  • Social Media Intimacy: Working Relationships with most top-tier bloggers and social media icons.
  • Respected prominence in cutting edge communication tools Twitter, Utterz, Facebook, Flickr and more.
  • Early adopter of social web tools.
  • Advocate for brand management on social sites.
  • Familiar with the needs and requirements of large publishers, including advertising and content concerns.
  • Long time contributor to WordPress core, WordPress plugins themes and support ecosystem.

Employment History

Emmense Technologies, LLC — CEO — 2001-present
Provide a variety of consulting services to clients including technology and infrastructure scaling, WordPress theme and plugin development, WordPress architecture and social media strategy.
Technosailor.com — Lead Editor — May, 2004 – present
The founder and Lead Editor for Technosailor.com. Provide editorial oversight over all stories that are published. Built the property into a multi-author, multi-vertical content network providing analysis on web and social technologies and how they affect real life. Leveraged Technosailor.com to be considered a top marketing, public relations, technology and entrepreneurial source. Frequent public speaker.
Lijit Networks — Business Development Manager — May 2008-Jan 2009
Business Development for Lijit Networks, Inc. Contracted to recruit significant publishers and networks for the purpose of extending search application and advertising deployment. Worked closely with technical, marketing and business teams in establishing the Lijit brand and presence across a variety of blogs and publishers.
b5media — Director of Technology — Nov 2005-May 2008
Served as Director of Technology for an internet media startup company, providing strategy and technical leadership, project management, and support. Worked out specifications and secured vendors for outside projects, managed design projects from concept to implementation, and worked closely with other teams and investors. Dealt with issues surrounding scaling in an environment of fast paced growth. Sought out and hired key personnel to execute on technology goals of the company. Managed the development of a network intelligence dashboard for investors and executive staff. Developed private API (REST), common template management system, scalar upgrade management system and distributed WordPress management.
Northrop Grumman Information Technology — Nov 2003-Oct 2006
Performed targeted services supporting and administering a Solaris Unix server for an FDA project. Provided Level 2 and 3 support to the United States Navy and subsequently, multiple internal corporate business units with individual concerns and expectations. Supported MS Office, Blackberry, basic Active Directory operations, and general network connectivity. Involved in the testing phase of the Common Operating Environment deployment vehicle. Worked closely with NOC on Level 3 issues including Exchange.
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (Contractor) — Nov 1999-Nov 2003
Employed by Lockheed Martin and CSC to support operations in a mainframe environment. Worked with government staff and state agencies in providing data for the Medicare program.


#1 New Media and Social Media Marketer in the Washington, DC area.
Geoff Livingston, SVP, Social Media – CRT/Tanaka

We’ve been fortunate to work with some of the world’s leading media companies,
and Aaron has demonstrated a grasp of new technology developments that is
without peer. His eagerness to push FeedBurner’s boundaries, identify opportunities
for improvement, and willingness to share feedback have established him as one of
our most valuable partners, and his personal investment of time made our product –
and our partnership – stronger.
Rick Klau, Business Product Manager, Blogger – Google

“Great leadership and wonderful management of people and resources. I really
enjoyed doing work for and with Aaron and would recommend him in a heartbeat.”
Stephan Segraves, Project Manager – Galena Park ISD

“Aaron has provided Lijit a high level of professionalism and expertise around social media and the publisher space. The combination of personality, expertise and results is hard to find in one person.”
Micah Baldwin, Business Development – Lijit Networks