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  • Obama or Rodgers?

    [polldaddy poll=5488284]

  • Real Ale 15th Anniversary

    I love Texas beer. This weekend, my friend Melanie paid a visit to Austin from San Francisco and we decided to head out to Blanco, TX to participate in the Real Ale 15th Anniversary celebration. Enjoy these photographs, but remember: You are not allowed to use these for commercial purposes or without giving me credit. […]

  • I’m a Daddy Once Again

    Yesterday was a special day for me as Fender came into my life. He’s about 25lb and, best as I can tell, a purebred smooth haired Fox Terrier. (Update: Now that I have his records, I know he’s a Rat Terrier mix.) I became aware of Fender on Thursday evening at ATX Twestival when my […]

  • That’s an F-18!

    That bright star? The afterburners from an F-18 Hornet after takeoff from the USS Carl Vinson.   Source: Navy News Service – Eye on the Fleet.

  • Great Quote of The Wire

    Same fuck-ups in the same shit detail, workin’ out of the same shithouse kind of office. You people lack for personal growth, you know that? -Lester Freamon, The Wire

  • Deal Of A Lifetime: First Marriage Proposal On Groupon

    Deal Of A Lifetime: First Marriage Proposal On Groupon.

  • Best Photo of 2010

    I can’t believe I’ve only posted one entry on this blog since last year when I asked you to vote for my best photo of 2009. C’est la vie, I suppose. Maybe I’ll do better in 2011. Anyways… since we’re coming up on the end of the year, I’ll ask again… Whichever photo you choose, […]

  • Poll: My Best Photo?

    Flickr is having a “Best Photo of 2009” contest where group members are encouraged to share one and only one photo from 2009. I’m torn so I’m turning it over to you. Which one should I submit? If I Jump, Will I Slide? Taken atop Baltimore’s World Trade Center of the National Aquarium. This photo […]

  • Riboflavin

  • Suicide League 2009

    Dear {INSERT NAME HERE} :-p Late last night, I had an idea to run a Suicide football league. I’ve done these before, though I admit that this is the first time I’m using a service and not aggregating results by hand. We’ll see how this goes. The concept of a suicide league is painfully simple, […]