Category: Feminism

  • New York Wins Because It Has More Girls (and other tidbits of insanity from the tech community)

    Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t live in a fantasy world where we get to define truth and memorex. There are many areas of life that are grey areas. Then there’s right and wrong, correct and incorrect, proper and improper, truth and consequences. I had a conversation recently with a third party developer that was maintaining…

  • Struggle


    I have a tattoo. I have more than one, but I have one in particular. The tattoo depicts scales that are balanced between an olive tree and a foreboding cityscape. Leading up to the scales, and disappearing into a vanishing point, a road winds its way into the horizon. People commonly ask me if I’m…

  • Tech: We Need to Start Being Feminists. Stat!

    Tech: We Need to Start Being Feminists. Stat!

    How are some of the brightest minds on the internet not seeing the harm in how we collectively perceive women, women in tech, women in our industry? How is it funny to send nude photos of women to a prospective boss and get hired as a result? How is it humorous to make jokes about…

  • Scantily Clad Women are for the Bedroom, not the Showroom Floor.

    I love women. I love scantily clad women. I think the majority of men, and of course some women, would agree with me. Sexual attraction is inherently part of the human experience and part of the instinctual core that makes up who we are. The same goes for women with men.