Who am I?

My name is Aaron Brazell.

Some people know me for WordPress. I have been a long-time contributor to the WordPress open source project and have spent most of the last decade consulting for a variety of clients large and small. Some of these more well-known clients include Bloomberg, Atlassian and TigerLogic. My forte is large-scale, complex WordPress integrations and plugins. If you’d like to work with me, I’d love to hear your ideas.

I am author of the WordPress Bible and I hope you’ll buy it.

In my past, I was a defacto founder of b5media (Employee #2), a blog network of over 350 niche blogs. I also am one of the founders of WP Engine, a highly successful, optimized WordPress hosting company based in Austin, TX (though I am no longer involved in day to day operations).

I also am an amateur photographer and spend a lot of time with my trust DSLR walking around town, taking photos, thinking about photos I could take and plotting those. You can see my work on Flickr.

I have a wide variety of interests from politics and policy, to sports, to craft beer, food and travel.

This blog is a combination of my interests and, at any point, I may write about any topic I’m interested in.

I do not accept guest blogging proposals and I reject any pitches from PR firms and professionals.