Aaron Brazell – Resumé

I have been in the technology and new media industries since 2000 as a blogger/journalist, podcaster, web developer, WordPress consultant, marketing strategist and startup technolgy director. My views and practices come from an understanding of both enterprise computing as well as startup and small business needs.

This resumé is both reflective of my experiences as well as a limited snapshot. Many of my professional opinions and articles can be read at Technosailor.com and my professional and personal interactions with many in and out of my industry can be seen on an informal basis on Twitter.

I am…

Author of The WordPress Bible. Wrote and edited the WordPress Bible from Wiley Publishing focusing on entry level and experienced tutorials, tips and techniques for WordPress. Release Date: Feb, 2010.

Former Director of Technology for a global internet media company. Responsible for a technical team comprised of systems administrators, software engineers and vendors. Identified projects and goals, assessed specs and organized team around deliverables.

Founder and Lead Editor of industry leading internet technology publication. Respected among elite web technology writers and publications as an influencer. Technosailor.com is considered to be among top marketing, entrepreneurial and social media publications on the web.

Well Published and Recognized individual in the areas of citizen journalism and social networking, particularly in the use of the blog as a communications medium. In addition, expertise has been tapped to write regular columns for several well- respected internet sources.

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