A Chance to Purchase Some of My Best Photography

Believe it or not, I occasionally still blog! :)

It’s been awhile but I’ve had a number of people ask me about purchasing hi-resolution copies of some of my photographs so they could have a print made for a Christmas gift, for an office, etc.

I’ve been wanting to put my photography online for sale for awhile but haven’t had a time to do that. Given I’m going into a transition period where making some extra money is important, I figured now was as good of a time as ever.

Please consider supporting my photography, and my transition over the next few weeks to a new job (more on that at a later time).

If you do buy a copy of a photo and want to have prints made, I use Mpix.com and high recommend.

The Crack of the Bat

The Crack of the Bat. $45.00. Click here to buy.

The Midnight Train

Baltimore’s Penn Station at Night. $40.00. Click Here to buy.

Pagoda on the Hill

Pagoda on the Hill. $35.00. Click here to buy.

Before the Storm

An original taken in Austin, TX on Congress Ave near 2nd Street. – $35.00. Click to buy.

Under the Pale Sky

An Original taken in Austin, TX on Historic Sixth St. – $35.00. Click here to buy.

Blue Contrails

The Blue Angels descend over Baltimore for Fleet Week. – $25.00. Click here to buy.

By Air or by Sea

The Blue Angels descend over Baltimore for Fleet Week. $30.00. Click here to buy.

Give Me Sugar

The Domino Sugar Plant in Baltimore Across the Harbor. $30.00. Click here to buy.

A Beacon in the Heart of it All

The Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse in Baltimore. $35.00. Click here to buy.

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