Eight Best Sports Moments of 2010

I realize I’m a bit late on a 2010 wrap-up post but I don’t care… I’m a big sports fan. Sports is something that my life revolves around to a large degree. Here are my top sports memories (good and bad) of 2010. In no particular order.

Team USA Wins Group, Loses in Group of 16

World Cup soccer was at a fevered pitch around the world… and it wasn’t the Vuvuzelas… Or maybe it was. Regardless, the United States won Group C for the first time since 1930 with a 1-0-2 record, having knocked out Algeria and reaching a draw with England and Slovenia. They then lost to Ghana in the Group of 16 round ending early morning bar visits across the United States.

USA vs Norway - Mens Hockey - Canada Hockey Place - Vancouver British Columbia
Photo by Kris Krug

Cinderella Butler Loses in the NCAA National Championship

Who’s Butler? No one really knew, despite the school having visited the tourney 10 times, before they made a stunning run through the tournament in March. The impressive upstart Bulldogs found themselves in the National Championship game where they were beaten by the Duke Blue Devils… as Duke tends to do.

To make this memorable Cinderella run, Butler had to run the gauntlet of UT El Paso, Murray State, Syracuse, K State and Michigan State. They finally lost to Duke 61-59 in a game that ended up much closer than anyone expected. The tourney raises the question (again) of why the BCS still refuses to go to a playoff system that would allow such a story to develop in football.
Mike tells her to stay away from his plaque
Photo by Brad Ward

San Francisco Giants win the World Series

The San Francisco Giants paid another visit to the World Series in 2010 and finally won it all against the Texas Rangers. They did it with dominating pitching carried on the arm of Tim Lincecum… who looks like something right out of a hipster bar on the East Side of Austin or Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
The bleachers
Photo by Randy Chiu

Brett Favre’s Penis

Okay… we’re not going to talk about that. So instead, we take a look at the recipient of such junk, former Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger. Hubba hubba hubba.

Olympian Killed in Tragic Luge Accident

The Winter Olympics were not without tragedy, this year. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili was killed in a practice run at British Columbia’s Whistler track when he lost control of his sled. The sled slid up the wall and he left the track hitting his head on a steel support pole. He was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.
Photo by Cheuk-man Kong

Canada Checks the USA, Sidney Crosby booed on Return to Pittsburgh

Speaking of the Olympics, Men’s Hockey was dramatic with a highly-viewed final between the USA and Canada. The USA tied the game on an empty net push just before the end of regulation and Goalie Ryan Miller had his breakout, playing stellar hockey throughout the tournament. On shootouts, however, Pittsburgh Penguin star (and Canadian) Sidney Crosby scored the game winning shot to hand Canada a 3-2 win. On his return to Pittsburgh, Crosby was booed at Carnegie Mellon Arena. It was kinda surreal and satisfying.
Sid the Kid
Photo by Allie from Vancouver

Mike Vick Kills the Redskins in Prime Time

Mike Vick is back and bigger than ever. In 2010, he dominated the Washington Redskins on Nov 15, 59-28 putting up numbers that were both awesome and ridiculous. He put up 300+ passing yards, 50+ yards rushing, 4 passing TDs and 2 rushing TDs. The Skins looked downright pedestrian.

Lebron James Defines Narcissist in Prime Time Announcement

Former Cleveland Cavaliers stars Lebron James made a spectacle of ego by holding a much-ballyhooed press conference to announce his intentions to return to the Cavs, or sign a deal with the Heat or Knicks. He announced he was “taking his talent to South Beach” and the Cavaliers owner promptly melted down. As did the fans.
LeBron James
Photo by Keith Allison