News Flash

I don’t write as often as I like but I have opinions on all kinds of news items. I usually share them on Twitter, but I’m going to try a different kind of post here that maybe can develop into a weekly featured item.

Photo by just.luc on Flickr.
News Item: The Apple iPhone 4 has reception problems. Apple says it’s because of how the phone is being held. Rumor is a patch will be released soon as the problem seems to be a software problem.

My Take: Does Apple do any QA? Shouldn’t this be an easy problem to discover and get fixed prior to launch. Certainly it’s good that they are pledging to get this fixed ASAP but when you buy a phone – any phone – you don’t expect stupid things like this to get in the way of its usefulness as a phone.

News Item: The Cybersecurity Act of 2010 just passed the Senate. Everyone is all up and arms because the bill supposedly gives the President the authority to turn off the Internet or seize key portions (routers, etc) in the interest of National Security. The supposed “Kill Switch”.

My Take: I read the bill from front to back. I don’t see support for a Kill Switch. The bill provides the authority for the President to work with ISPs and network providers to facilitate National Security investigations. It does provide the authority to seize routers and infrastructure in accordance with existing FISA laws (it does not amend FISA). This is not a new authority. It’s a clarification. I don’t like FISA and believe it should be done away with but there is no legendary Kill Switch in this bill.

News Item: Google is apparently in the throes of building a Facebook killer called Google Me.

My Take: Yeah, yeah, yeah. How many times has Google tried to get into Social? The only reason they are doing this is because they are scared of Facebook now that Facebook has invaded the search space in a whole new way. The biggest website on the planet now doing search? Google just wants to make sure that they return the favor. I’m still concerned about Google having all my information. But I’m scared of Facebook as well.

News Item: Twitter is always down these days.

My Take: Yup. It’s like 2008 all over again. I wonder what’s up with the people who have built their businesses on Twitter. I’m looking at you, Twitter Consultants. What happens when Twitter collapses under its own weight? Maybe that’s the business people’s fault for putting all their eggs in one basket.