Facebook Rescinds Their New Terms Of Service, Reverts to Old

Yesterday, we talked about the huge terms of service nightmare that Facebook created for itself. They noticed the uproar, fortunately, but did little more than assure it’s user-base that they had our best interest in mind. At the time of yesterday’s blog post from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the new terms of service remained in place.

As of today, however, that has changed. It is now reverted to what it was before.

Indeed, it seems Facebook lives in a village, and not just a bubble.

Many of us at Facebook spent most of today discussing how best to move forward. One approach would have been to quickly amend the new terms with new language to clarify our positions further. Another approach was simply to revert to our old terms while we begin working on our next version. As we thought through this, we reached out to respected organizations to get their input.

Lesson to be learned: Your users are your blood. Do not spring things on them without their knowledge, especially when it involves their content.