Joe’s Jeans

I’m not big on product reviews, but if you’ve not worn Joe’s Jeans (and you have a little money, you should wear them). I’m hard on jeans so, a few weeks ago I sent a tweet out that I was going to go buy yet another pair of jeans.

A representative from Joe’s Jeans contacted me and asked me if they could send me a pair in exchange for a review. I promised that if I found the product valuable, I would write a review but didn’t guarantee anything. Fortunately for them, they are really great jeans.

As I mentioned, I’m pretty hard on jeans. The cuffs get frayed because I tend to wear pants bigger than I need to (something about not looking so skinny). I’ve been wearing these for a few weeks now and they are, so far, pretty sturdy. The particular line I chose, The Rocker, is a little tight in some areas, but still very comfortable.

Highly recommended. Thanks Tabitha and the Joe’s Jeans crew.

Published by Aaron Brazell

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