BlogHer Comes to DC, represents 33% of Male Population

BlogHer, the female-focused blogging organization and ad-network, touched down in Suburban Maryland yesterday for the Washington, D.C. edition of the BlogHer Reach Out tour. I had a chance to attend and apparently now have the label of a BlogHim (whatever that means).

It was my first event and, as with most guys that go to a BlogHer conference for the first time, I came away being wowed. I attend quite a lot of events and hear the same kinds of panels. Best practices on blogging. Best practices for making money online. Blogging 101. The gamut of standard cookie-cutter sessions.

BlogHer didn’t disappoint on this front with a Basic track and a more advanced track, and being an organization with a political orientation and being in the Nation’s Capital during an election year, there was the standard fare politically oriented panels as well.

What struck me about the organization was how diverse it was in terms of occupation. From open source geeks to political activists to mommy-bloggers and “data wrangler” statisticians and engineers – the audience transcended every discipline.

Of course, I met plenty of people I might not have otherwise met except at BlogHer. Many of the women attendees don’t venture to other conferences or gatherings for a variety of reasons – time, threat level: Alpha, or just that BlogHer provides a secure and safe environment.

It was definitely an eye-opening experience.

Of course, the day could not be entirely estrogen-based. Geoff Livingston and I, being one of only a handful of men at the event, had to create our own Man party outside with cigars. :)