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I want to give a quick shout out to Aaron Phillips at who recognized me and grabbed me out of a crowd of booth scopers while I was at Blog World Expo last month.

He offered me a fantastic offer to move this blog, as well as the rest of my sites over to a super fast server on their network. Ironically, Jeremy Wright and I did business with Fastservers way back in the day when we ran a hosting company together, but everyone was pretty immature at that point and we ended up leaving Fastservers for supposedly greener pastures.

At the end of the day all that didn’t work out but having run server clusters and dealing in the space for a long time now, it’s important to have the reliability of support, backups and reliable disks and memory.

I jumped at the offer and we’re now in a new home. There will be further optimization over the next few days, but I’m pretty happy. They handled the entire migration process and for once I didn’t have to lift a finger. Gotta love that.

So thanks, Aaron and team. Looking forward to my new home.