RFP: Do You Want to Redesign This Site?

This is an official request for proposal. Comments are closed. If you would like to make a proposal, email me at aaron@technosailor.com. In this RFP, I will explain key interests for me. If I don’t mention them, I will leave to you to be creative.

Key Interests

  1. Content First. Artwork should be kept to a minimum.
  2. Careful attention to the categorical divisions in use on the site
  3. Retaining existing Logos for site and sub-sections.
  4. Final Delivery as fully functional WordPress theme. This means, HTML/CSS.

My Vision

Technosailor.com is divided currently into 4 sections. These 4 sections may be added to or subtracted from as time goes on. The hierarchy is based on categories with actual content metadata described in the form of tags.

Key plugins in use are the All-in-one-SEO pack and Disqus and key integration includes Lijit and Friendfeed.

I am very much in love with the current design that was originally implemented two years ago. It has been iterated twice to stay relevant to where the site is today. However, a fresh approach is needed now to retain relevance and meet the business interests of the site today.

Today, I am very focused on building out Technosailor.com as a media property with key verticals focusing centrally back to the mission of being the site that discusses the crossover between new web technologies and real life business and personal application. To that end, a design must fit that ultimate mission statement.

From an advertising perspective, every page should include IAB standard size leaderboard (728×90) and IAB standard Square Rectangle (300×250) ad spots. Optionally, but as a bonus, there must be a spot for IAB standard Skyscraper (160×600). The Leaderboard and Square Rectangle must be above the fold.

Longterm plans include the integration of forums (either bbPress or vBulletin) and other social community tools including community blogs. I’m not sure that this necessarily plays into a design, but you should be aware of that.

Finally, I am very much interested in helping a designer through referrals and work. Therefore, it’s in my best interest to work with someone who is exceptionally talented (I should see examples of your work) but yet to make a breakout. Your work will be on display before thousands of people.

This RFP will remain open until October 24 at which point, I will contact folks and begin the process of selecting one. The key deciding factors will be some sort of grey goo of cost, my level of confidence in talking with you and previous work and recommendations.

Again, comments are closed so please send a proposal with a guesstimate (we’ll work through actual details in the competition phase) and examples of work, referrals or anything else that should make me want to work with you. Spread the word and refer your friends if you are not a designer yourself.

Best of luck!

Edit: It appears Disqus does not respect my closing comments for the post. So if anyone comments, it will be removed. This is just to keep everything fair, not to shut people up. :)