I am Famous, Therefore I Blog

Ego blogging seems to be the big thing. If the egos aren’t blogging, they are telling other bloggers how bad their ego is. Trust me, I represent – both the ego, and the telling egos off.

So I’m offering a new Technosailor tee-shirt for sale that states very simply, “I am famous, therefore I blog”.

Picture 5.png

The shirt is a high quality American Apparel tee-shirt (if you’ve never had one, they are super comfortable) and that should be enough to pay the premium price. I admit, these shirts cost more than some chinsey Cafépress tee shirt but it won’t fade, shrink or get stretched out like those ones do. Nor will it make you sweat unnaturally with some iron on crap.

No, this is high quality and comfortable and will last. You’ll be supporting me, plus staking your claim to internet fame. Now, people will know you’re famous. Because you have to make sure they know!

I will have a ladies tee available shortly as well and open to suggestions on other preferred colors. Enjoy!

Update: Ladies tees are available as are different colors and sizes. Buy one now.