Andrew Feinberg to Join

Many of you know of, or have met, Andrew Feinberg. Andrew is a journalist working on Capitol Hill. He was instrumental in coordinating visits to Washington, D.C. by Robert Scoble and provided a great deal of information to me on the story I covered surrounding Congressional use of social media.

Andrew has proven himself a tremendous asset in bringing to light some of the issues facing the technology community from the government. He has a brilliant legal mind (though he is not yet a lawyer, but is in process) and access to many people in and around Congress.

I asked Andrew to join the staff here at to help provide some relevance around tech policy issues. Too often, things happen in Washington that directly affect us, and most of the time no one knows about it.

Beginning Monday, we are launching SuitCase, a column where you can expect to see several weekly posts covering this very relevant topic. At, we try to distill all the information surrounding technology and the internet and boil it down to daily application for our audience. You can access SuitCase column via the Tech Policy link in the masthead of the site.

I hope you enjoy Andrew’s work. Andrew is an Assistant Editor at Warren Communications News, publishers of Communications Daily and Washington Internet Daily.

I’m excited about this addition that strengthens the property. If you are interested in writing at, please shoot me an email at describing your niche. Though we are probably done expanding our verticals, we might have opportunities to supplement this or other verticals within the site.