A friend of mine (in real life!) recently made a late night trip to a local diner to grab a bite to eat. He felt like ordering an omelette, but wasn’t sure which kind of omelette. As he looked at the menu, he noticed a Spanish Omelette and a Spinach Omelette. Unsure what was in the Spanish Omelette, he asked the waitress who described it in great detail. It included tomato, onions, green peppers. The works. Not feeling like onions at that late hour, he instead ordered a Spinach omelette.

When the waitress brought out a Spanish omelette, he was confused. Turns out, the waitress assumed he was going to order a Spanish omelette after he asked her, so when he ordered the Spinach omelette instead, it didn’t register in her mind.

Yesterday, I took the family for a Sunday afternoon dinner where my four year old boy bided his time by coloring on the placemat. His drawing is below.


I looked at his drawings and asked what they were. He told me about a dinosaur, a rocket ship and a yellow jacket (which is apparently different than a bee!). I noticed that his drawing of a bee had a very long stinger (can you spot the bee in the picture?). I thought about how small the stinger on a bee actually is, but how the perception of that small but potentially deadly apparatus can be – especially in the mind of a little guy.

Kids like to exaggerate everything, and you can tell in their crayon drawn pictures. Daddy is bigger than a house. Dinosaurs have massive teeth bigger than their face. Bees Yellowjackets have stingers longer than their bodies.

Funny how perceptions of reality are often different than reality itself.

As bloggers, we tend to make a bigger deal out of things than we have to. Funny how perceptions are like that. Funny how my perception of a bee is much different than the perception of my little boy.

Chances are, if you breathe and have a pulse, that things seem wrong somewhere. Mortgages are hard to pay. Gas prices are nuts. The A-list exists. Seesmic arguments. Blog arguments. Do I own my comments or not? Copyright, trademark, content scrapers. Conservatives. Liberals. Presidential Candidates. Videos on the web. iPhones and priorities. Blackberries and productivity.

Get some perspective folks. I’m just saying.