Driving Customers to Your Site

Ultimately as a graphic/web designer, it’s my job to create designs that, hopefully, will attract the attention of people that view the sites we design for our clients.Through a combination of strong design and stronger content, the website should be a great resource that people not only want to come back to, but want to tell other people about.Yet, no matter how good the design, alone, of any website is, it’s getting people to visit the site that is the most important thing.

While search engines are a common way to find what you need on the web there are thousands of businesses competing for top ranking in each industry.There is no sure fire equation to guarantee that you will always get, and have, top billing in the search engines.There are tricks and techniques that you can do to cheat some of the search engines, but you run the high risk of getting your site banned.

Whether you’re creating a new site or revising what you have, there are things you can do to help the search engines that won’t get you flagged.Creating keywords (any word or phrase that has particular significance to the content of your website) used consistently in your meta-tags, the content of your site and when needed in the alt tags (alternative text embedded in the HTML code for graphic files) helps the search engines track your site down. The best way to create key phrases is to define what it is your business does and find the key verbs, nouns and adjectives that repeatedly pop up when you describe your business.Another way to help search engines out is to vary your meta-tags, keywords and page titles for each page so they relate to the content on that page. You know, it seems like keywords would make a whole entry.

So, outside of search engines, how do you get people to visit your site?

How do you make people aware that you have a site?

What can you do that is cost effective?

Funny you should ask.

Placing your web address on all your marketing material from your business card and flyers to your radio and television commercials is an excellent way.It sounds like a common sense suggestion, but you’d be surprised just how many people leave off a website, phone number or mailing address. Most occasions, people won’t just stop to look at the directions or just look at the contact section.They will take time to learn about your company through the content that’s on your site and any marketing materials you have.They will get an immediate impression of the person, or company, that they are looking to do business with.They will remember to check back at later times to catch up on what your company is doing or is offering.And, lately, a website address seems easier to remember than a phone number.

With telemarketers calling at all times during the day and spam emails overloading their websites, today’s consumer doesn’t want to feel hassled or feel like they are obligated to buy something if they want to learn more about your company.By having your domain name on all of your marketing material, and even your letter head, it allows people who receive that material to visit your site freely.It costs nothing more to add the website address than to leave it off, but it brings another way for people to learn more about your business.

The best way is to get out there and hype up your website.Think of a movie you saw based on a friends recommendation.A recording artist you may never have heard of without someone suggesting it.Even a restaurant that you tried because a family member, or coworker, gave it raving reviews.Websites act in the same way.Word of mouth drives people to websites, because they know that the information is there, people have used the site and it’s been brought to their attention that a site exists. The new term for Word of Mouth these days is Viral Marketing. One person passing an idea to another and so on and so on.

So, it isn’t just having a website that will get people to visit it and potentially buy into your company.It’s the effort you put behind creating strong content that will have people wanting to visit your site, the effort in advertising your website that will increase people’s awareness of your company and potentially increase your sales.So get out there, talk up your website to anyone, and everyone, and make sure it’s on all your marketing material. Take that advice and sit back and watch the hit counter grow.

What was the last website you were directed to that kept your attention?How do you learn about most websites or businesses you visit?