Welcome Huffington Post Readers

I’d like to extend a warm greeting to readers of the Huffington Post where a piece I wrote earlier today, entitled Two Castles of Power, was published.

I don’t talk about politics much around here. I used to. Back in the day. However, the audience here is generally keen on reading thoughts about technology and business – particular social technologies and how this stuff really affects our lives.

My name is Aaron Brazell, and I’m the Editor here at Technosailor.com, however, others also contribute and we’re working on putting together a nice team of folks.

Generally, Technosailor.com is not about the news. Instead, we like to come in after the fact and offer analysis of the news. We like to leave the news breaking to TechCrunch and other large technology news blogs.

There are several really great series that have been written here and I’d like to point them out.

In addition, you are probably politically minded. You might want to see why I think the President should be impeached.

Otherwise, enjoy your stay. If you like what you see, go ahead and subscribe and keep up with us.