Yes, I Really Am Going to Download Squad

logo.png I did not want to write this today. I told Grant that he shouldn’t either but he’s so energized by his new role at the Shel Israel show that he had to talk about it on April Fool’s Day. and now I’m being inundated with questions.

Yes, I really am going to Download Squad as the new content editor. Grant has actually been talking to me since SXSW about taking this position and I’ve been super excited about the chance. The team at DS is engaged, awesome, funny and they write great content. We couldn’t talk publicly about this yet, but now that it is, I cannot deny that this is the new thing I’ll be doing now that I won’t be at b5media anymore.

Obviously, as a DC guy, one of the points of excitement for me was to work for a local company and what better local company is there than AOL/Weblogs Inc? I’m looking forward to jumping right in, initially splitting my time between my remaining time at b5 and my new role at Download Squad.

Grant, thanks for reaching out to me. Good luck on your new role at Fast Company. Tell Shel not to drink coffee on set.

Update: Everything you read above is a lie.