mobile future – is in ur hands…

As some folks know, I’m usually cooking in the mobile diner and serving all u can eat wireless. Early birds and night owls are always welcome (and you all are loud but we like it).

In any case, I appreciate the opportunity to do some cooking in Aaron’s kitchen and I’ve decided to provide some 411 on Mobile Future – a new wireless coalition that has recently come together in DC.

Briefly, mobile diner opened for business nearly two years ago and I wish we had launched sooner. We continue to be a place where those that are passionate about the wireless industry can engage in conversations about products and policies affecting the industry. It is a place where consumers will be heard.

Mobile Future looks to build upon that foundation and bring some of those concepts to life. For instance, mobile future looks to highlight innovations from companies – large and small (including start-ups) – that are making it happen in the sector. Too often these companies do not get a spotlight. Mobile Future hopes to have some demos on Capitol Hill where these companies can show their stuff to policymakers and staff.

These are exciting times. However, there are no guarantees that the regulatory environment that has allowed the wireless industry to thrive will become more complex or made simpler. The one thing for certain is that there will be some modifications to current law.

On that note, Congress can take us down two roads. One road is smooth which would allow us to get to those places we all imagine faster. The other road may look good from above and be paved with good intentions (like a map). However, it will be quite a bumpy ride and the unintended consequences of more regulations could send us back to the analog days.

In any case, the future of the industry is in ur hands and we need your help. I hope you’ll participate and let us know of your company’s efforts in the mobile space. Let’s take this trip together and never look back…

Notes –

I will be doing some blogging and highlighting wireless events across the country for Mobile Future.

Feel free to contact me via email – chris(at)