SXSW Day 2 Thoughts

Hey guys-

Fantastic first day at SXSW yesterday. I did no less than 6 interviews in the b5media sponsored Bloghaus. Met with dozens of people. It was literally the best conference day I’ve ever had. This morning, my neck hurts as I spent my second night literally camping under the stars at the “b5 ranch”. Yes there have been parties. Mostly the main ones have been blown off by the b5 crew as we made our own. Yesterday’s impromptu party was spent as well in unison with Weblogs Inc bloggers Christina Warren and Grant Robertson from Download Squad.

Weblogs Inc Crew

SezWho is here. SezWho is a great comment and rating system. The theory is commenting on a blog builds reputation in a particular area. The more reputation you have, the more weight you carry. We’re trying SezWho out at b5. Very, very early in the process on a very, very limited scope. I have a meeting with the CEO shortly. Again, just fantastic people here.

Eddie Vedder, from Pearl Jam of course, has a Texas top-rated gulf coast style seafood restaurant. Absolutely amazing. The food that is not listed on the menu is the best along with the non-menu’d “upgrades” to the steak etc. If you’re in Austin and need a middle-to-upper class quiet venue away from the 6th St bar scene, Eddie V’s is the place to go. Check it.

Krista Playing Joey's Accordion

b5media’s new tagline, by the way: 300+ blogs, 10M pageviews, one accordion. Welcome Joey deVilla to the b5 team. This is 4th day on the job and is experiencing SXSW life for the first time. Everyone loves the accordion!