Shifting Technosailor

Long time readers of this blog probably have been aware of the consolidation of the niche that I’ve been covering here. In the very early days, the topics were all over the place. At some point, that seemed to consolidate down to mostly technology related conversations. There was a definite focus for a period of time on technology that pertained to blogging but there was a problem there. Lots of people talk about blogging. There’s no real value add in blogging about blogging. In fact, my attention has been less on blogging as a topic and more on social media as a whole – the idea that average people have the ability to reach the world like never before.

But then Techcrunch does that and we all know about how the social media coverage landscape is thick when you consider services like Techmeme and Digg. Definitely the signal-to-noise ratio is out of control.

As a result, over the past six months or so, there has been a definite inclination toward stories that address issues with business – whether entrepreneurs or big business – and where the synergy has been with social media – and where it needs to be. This morning, Geoff Livingston wrote about social media press releases – and that’s a fantastic start to a new era. Actually, my point is that it is not new. My content has already favored the business side of things. What is new is recognizing officially the shift in direction. The only real change today is that instead of “Technology, Blogging and New Media”, the title bar reads “Technology, Business and New Media“. Definitely a recognition of what this blog is today.