Live Radio: Bloggers Unions, Podcasters Union and the ADM

Just a heads up (sorry, it’s last minute). I’ll be on the Mediasphere show with Jim Turner and Tris hussey from One by One Media. This show is on the Blog Talk Radio network that offers an innovative approach to podcasts. They are live and involve actual interaction with listeners. That means that you can listen to the show as it happens AND call in to the show and ask questions, talk to me and offer your own opinion.

The topic of unions (or non-unions as the case may be) in new media are controversial and I’ve had my piece to share about them. I think we may have some of the ADM folks call in as well. It’s bound to be lively.

The show page is here and you can call in between 3 and 4 PM EST (That’s Noon-1pm PST) at (646) 478-5023.

I look forward to talking to you.