Group Writing Project: Peeing Dog

I thought it would be fun to do a group writing project. There is no prize, but a good fun community building effort.

This writing project is that you have to use this image (please download and upload to your own server), and write a post that is inspired by it. :)

The project will last until September 16, midnight EST. Email me a link to this post or pingback to this post. Recognize that I don’t display trackbacks/pingbacks – but I’m aware of everyone that comes in, so feel free.

In order to be linked from this post, you must link to three other people who are participating in the project. I will publish the early ones as you won’t know who is also writing – but once I post others, I’ll expect you to pass the love around to other participants as well. Free link love! :-)

I’m sure we can get lots of creative posts out of this photo. Thanks to Kris Smith at Croncast for taking this photo.