Movable Type 4 Setup Video

I took the time this evening to setup Movable Type 4. I believe in the open source movement and though MT was much alighned for going into “paid mode” for MT3 (and alienating many, many bloggers who were loyal MT users), they swung the other direction with MT4 by opening it up. Not only is it free and GPL, but it’s damn sexy.

I recorded a screencast of the setup routine. There’s a few embarassing moments in there (like when I couldn’t get database credentials right!) but in the end, it installed beautifully. The video is big in filesize and resolution. Recommend downloading it first. I wanted to capture details as I worked.

The blog that is moving over is Suicide Fan, my sports podcast. As lovely as our experiment with podcasts was, the blog was not overly successful in the network and it’s time to move on. Good time for MT4.

However, there’s still a few things I need to work out before I can actually switch.

  1. I need an MT4 podPress alternative in terms of Flash player
  2. I need a new theme. Obviously, I can’t take the b5 theme with me so it will be time to figure out a new one