Google Reader OPML Export Converter

In case you haven’t heard, b5media in partnership with Virtual Reach released a mobile RSS reader. I’ve been using it for several weeks as we’ve been testing it in-house. I must say, it’s very nice. While a Windows Mobile version will be available soon, the Blackberry client is currently available – b5media branded and all. If you’re a Blackberry user, you’ll want to have this because:

  1. It’s important to look at your Blackberry while you’re driving,
  2. It’s fun to read feeds when you have nothing else to do while sitting at a bar, and
  3. It’s an easy replacement for that Popular Science magazine while you’re sitting on the toilet.

For real. Like I said, we’ve been testing it! :-)

At any rate, one annoying thing I’ve experienced is that Google Reader OPML files cannot be imported in the form they are provided. For this reason, I’ve developed a handy OPML conversion tool that will allow you to make Google Reader OPML exports valid for our Virtual Reach software as well as, in theory, other applications that don’t particularly like the OPML file.

Feel free to go wild.