The Carnival of Maryland #9

As mentioned earlier this week, is hosting the Carnival of Maryland #9. Carnivals are a great way to highlight content from a certain group or niche and in this sense, an entire State. While the Carnival is mostly spearheaded by the Maryland Blogger Alliance, it is open to anyone who is in Maryland.

Let’s get right into this edition of the Carnival:

John, from Montgomery County, participated in a field trip to Little Bennett Regional Park where he consumed the beauty of a variety of birds. Apparently, some birds are hard to see in the wild: “On this occasion, we would not get a second look at the summer tanager, though we could hear the bird singing nearby. Brightly-colored birds may not always be easy to spot, but they offer a high reward to those that can find them. On Saturday we were rewarded with stunning looks at great birds.” John is not the only birdbrain this week. The Greenbelt also observes some interesting birds.

The Voltage Gate looks at the blue crab population in Maryland, linking to a story From Science Daily about an invasion of Chinese Mitten Crabs. CMC’s are a dangerous introduction to the ecosystem for blue crabs, a main source of economic (and foodie!) interest in the State of Maryland.

Global Warming Swindle?” is the question asked by David Keelan from HoCoMd, the Howard County Maryland public watchdog blog. He attaches a video that demonstrates the cyclicar method of climate change over the millenia. I think I’ll stay out of this conversation. ;)

Frederick County blogger and golfer Phil Bundy, introduces us to “The Quest“, his personal journey to enter the PGA Tour. Phil writes, “For Phil, his quest is not about winning major championships but about learning the answer to the question, “œCan I make it on the Tour?” As the Embedded Golfer, he will learn the answer to that question.

Soccer Dad, from Owings Mills, discovered that an hours drive can net him gas 10 cents cheaper, but also afforded him the opportunity to instill some wisdom of age into his daughter. The funniest part of this post was when he quoted non-Maryland blogger, Book Worm Room, describing teenage drivers and cell phones.

… the worst teenage threat was the time it takes to dial a cell phone. (Adults click in a number or two, then check the road, then click in more numbers; teenagers just click in the whole sequence, road be damned.)

Funniest quote of the day, in my not so humble opinion. :)

P. Kenneth Burns, the prolific editor of Maryland Politics Today, writes that Governor Martin O’Malley needs to stop placing all the blame on his former nemesis and Governor Bob Ehrlich and start keeping his own campaign promises… something so far he is miserable at doing.

The Annapolis Police have been botching quite a few house raids of late. Atilla of Pillage Idiot tells us about the how the spokesman even seems to have botched the statement:

Dalton said that the warrant “was factually correct,” but since the address where the raid took place was wrong, I have to assume this means that either the police misread the correct address on the warrant, or they simply went into the wrong building.

Leviathan Montgomery complains about renovations happening to the Metro Station in Silver Spring, MD on a gargantuan scale. As I mention in his comments, my guess is that the “enhancements” he is complaining about has to do with future construction of the long argued about “purple line” (thus far, vaporware only). This blogs also happens to be one of the few blogs in the MBA that is run on WordPress (in this case,, so we have to do a shout out.