Premium Content Available

In the next few days, you’ll be introduced to Technosailor Premium Content. It’s premium because you have to do something to get it. In many cases, that something is paying a fee. Not in this case. This premium content is completely free. You might think I’m going to collect your email address or make you register for something. Again, not in this case. The only hoop you have to jump through is subscribing to my feed.

The more the internet evolves and people consume content different ways, the more important it is that feeds exist and are used. In this case, I’m providing select content to only subscribers to this site’s feed. Dave Taylor has a great write up on how to subscribe to RSS – in case you’re not sure how to do that. Add Google Reader to your list. In most cases, subscribing is as simple as entering the URL for this site.

You might wonder what kind of content will be available? Lots of stuff. Premium stuff. Cutting Edge stuff. I can say there won’t be tons of Premie content but there will be enough that if you’re not reading, you’re missing out. Already, I have several interviews lined up. I’ll also release any plugins or code I write as premium content, so you’ll want to subscribe.

I’ll also throw out an olive branch for those of ou who simply don’t want to subscribe to the feed because you like to come to the site or something. After two weeks as premium content, everything will be available on the site. You’ll be late. You might miss it. Google won’t, but you might. So make sure you subscribe.