Washington D.C. Area New Media Conference

For those of you in suburban Washington, I’ve been asked to be a panelist at the New Media Nouveaux Conference in Tyson’s Corner on July 13. The topic is “Futurists, what’s coming next?” and I’ll be sharing the stage with Sean Gorman, CEO of FortuisOne and Brian Williams, CEO of VigetLabs. The entire conference is branded, “How to Make Your Audience Fall Madly, Deeply, Crazy in Love With You, Your Message and Your Company.” Incidentally, that tagline wins the award for most thorough descriptive sentence.

See you there!

Update: Readers of this blog who have made more than 5 comments somewhere along the line, and who come to the event, should introduce yourself (You should introduce yourself anyway!). Those who have commented at least five times are eligible to recieve $100 in iTunes music from yours truly.