Lessons in Management: Push the Limit

Hell, there are no rules here–we’re trying to accomplish something. -Thomas Edison

Over the past eight months, the tech team at b5media has accomplished amazing things. We created a new corporate website in under 2 weeks. We’ve figured out how to fix problems of scaling. We’ve created internal tools for our VCs to see our performance. We’ve migrated nearly 200 blogs to new templates using tools specially designed to get the job done.

We’ve performed amazingly well, and I didn’t do most of it.

In eight months on the job, I’ve been asked to accomplish tasks, many of which have seemed impossible on timelines that are unreal. I wish I could say we always met the deadlines, but the truth is that we haven’t. Sometimes we miss.

However, we never say no to a challenge. (At this point, someone at b5media will leave a comment pointing out a time I did say no, but alack and alas, that is part of the fun!). I’ve learned that we always perform better with a challenge.

As managers, if we don’t accept challenges and tackle them front on, we’re doomed to be another “has been” that does not stand out among the hundreds of thousands of other managers out there.

Tangent: When I interview a management candidate, I look for these qualities in whatever form they come. How do they perform under pressure? What near impossible feats have they accomplished, no matter how insignificant they may seem.

You seem, to be a great manager you need to push the limit. You need to be willing to challenge the status quo or expect to die in mediocrity. I don’t want to be mediocre. Do you?