Now Hiring: Server Administrator

In case you had not heard, we are looking to hire an experienced linux systems administrator. Jeremy posted his job listing and I’ll add my thoughts afterwards:

Server Administrator (aka: Server Ninja): We’re looking for an experienced server admin. We run LAMP. We run WordPress. We run clustered web servers and database servers. We have caching at the app level, the web server level and at the edge. We do a lot of file replication between web servers and DB servers. We want someone who’s comfortable in a high-performance, high-availability environment, but who understands that things need to “œgrow”. One day “œsoon” we’ll likely move from our current dedicated environment to a colo or self-hosted one, so comfort with hardware is pretty key. Experience in network stuff, multi-DC replication and failover, backup systems, etc is all very, very good. Like the PM you’ll be working under Aaron. This position can be virtual, though we like folk being in Toronto (seeing as how we move into our new office June 1!). If you’re virtual, we’d only ask that you speak English really, really well and that you really enjoy working as part of an open and dynamic tech team. This is also partially a support position, so great people skills are an absolute must.

Ok, so what are we looking for?

Ultimately, we are looking for someone with experience clustering. Clustering databases. Clustering Web servers. Interacting with load balancers. Making WordPress accessible from all web slaves at all times – preferrably without NFS which is our current solution. We need someone who can spec and plan an enterprise infrastructure, implement changes including possibly colo and plan ahead to the next juncture, anticipating requirement changes due to growth or whatever. We need someone with solid enough knowledge, the ability to proactively solve problems and preferably, have a solid understanding of How Things Workâ„¢

We would like someone who blogs, and preferably has a decent following. But it’s not a requirement.

We need someone who is willing to be a subject matter expert and if they aren’t, willing to figure out how to become one. I need someone I can trust to help me by not waiting for me to tell them how to work – because I don’t have time for it. However, I need someone who I can trust since the person will work virtually.

Our current server administrator, Sean Walberg is all that and more, but for his own personal reasons, cannot join us full time. He will continue to work with us through this transition and when he carries on he will be deeply missed!

Our culture is comfortable. We are a startup and that carries risk, but we have all bought into this company and are dedicated to making it work. We’re spread around the globe, with a center in Toronto, so working over email and Skype is something we hope you’re comfortable with. Not only do we want the technical ability, but it’s important that there is a personality match as well.

So, if you think you have what it takes, please ping me over email or Skype, and send me your resume and, if you have one, a link to your blog. Let’s talk.