Another Month, Another Trip

Tomorrow morning, bright and early and weather allowing, I’ll be boarding a plane to Toronto for a week-long trip. There’s a lot planned for this meeting and I personally feel like this is our most important onsite yet. For one, almost the entire b5media team will be present. Secondly, we have strategy meetings and a number of huge company-shaping topics to tackle. Finally, we’re performing onsite interviews with a couple candidates for the WordPress Developer position we talked about recently. No names yet – it would be unfair to both candidates for me to do that. Both, however, are highly qualified and we are excited about the opportunity to talk to them.

In the meantime, I’m prepublishing a number of entries that will continue the WordPress FAQ theme. There are some great questions coming in and I have no intention of not answering them!

Until next Friday!

Additional: A number of guest posts will go up as well during this time. :)

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