Problogger Meetup NYC Review

Question: What do you get when you mix a man who has a massive audience for his “Helping Bloggers Make Money” blog, ProBlogger with a New York crowd that eats up his every word?

Patrick Gavin & Darren RowseAnswer: A giantly successful meetup at Connolly’s in Midtown Manhattan.

On Thursday afternoon, I jumped on a train to NYC and headed over to the party, hosted by ProBlogger and sponsored by Patrick Gavin and Text Link Ads. Lara KulpaTons of great peope. Some folks I’ll never remember names for and that’s a shame, but I have to be honest. I did get to meet Phillip Liu who is a bright and emerging star on the blogging horizon as well as cool folks like Lara Kulpa, and Mike Levin. My friends, Darren and Loren Feldman were there and of course I finally met the inimitable Minic Rivera. Joshua Rosenstock busted me down for being slack about my posting over at Washington Hotlist so I have to make amends and start posting again soon.
Aaron Brazell & Phillip Liu
I arrived back here in Baltimore yesterday afternoon but the week is not over. Tonight is the Maryland blogger meetup that I am hosting in White Marsh at Red Brick Station. Please come on out.