Podcast: Rick Klau of FeedBurner

Rick Klau, Director of Publisher Services, FeedBurnerThis past week, I had the chance to sit down with Rick Klau, Vice President of Publisher Services at FeedBurner. It was a fun interview and he answered some of your questions.

Show Notes:

  • 1:00 Introduction of Rick Klau
  • 2:02 I’m getting better at podcasting, especially with SuicideFan.com
  • 2:40 Rick and Aaron talk football and my prediction that David Carr will go to Chicago
  • 3:30 Head of Publisher Services at FeedBurner
  • 4:00 Google Reader and Feed reporting, user engagement, etc
  • 6:27 Feedburner has the bulk of the “head of tail” feeds in the world, but much to be done with the “long tail”
  • 8:00 How is the distribution of content viewed and FeedBurner’s role in helping producers track that
  • 9:45 Web 3.0? The third dimension of conversation?
  • 11:50 Are feeds really the most effective way to distribute content in a multi-dimensional web experience?
  • 14:53 Social Media. Bringing RSS to the Masses? No one should know what RSS is or mean.
  • 15:58 My Barack Obama, MySpace, Facebook and and social networks
  • 19:38 Shawn Blanc, Kansas City, MO: With most modern browsers supporting XML and many site stats programs (like Mint) counting subscriptions what is the advantage to the average Joe to use FeedBurner to host his feeds instead of keeping the subscriptions internal?
  • 24:36 Jim Turner, Denver, CO: A question for Rick is about email and databases owned by companies. What is Feedburner doing to help companies convert existing email databases into usable RSS databases that can be used to push feeds of blogs, podcasts and videos to their existing clients and subscribers?
  • 26:25 I yell at my dog. (oops) :-)
  • 27:47 What is the “Event Feed” functionality and how do you use it?
  • 34:55 Rick goes to Colorado for Skiiing at Breckenridge
  • Music courtesy of The Fighting Cocks, courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network