BlogNetworkCamp Update

Last week, I mentioned that b5media is cohosting BlogNetworkCamp at SXSW. A little update on this – the original time we had setup had several conflicts that needed to be addressed. We have talked to the other participants (9rules refuses to respond to our emails, oh well) and set the time for 5pm on Sunday afternoon, March 11. The entry has been updated.

We still need a venue. I’m partial to a place like the Alamo Drafthouse – good food (can I get an amen for Texas steak, please?), good beer, useful for groups – but if anyone, particularly local in Austin, has some suggestions feel free to pass them along. We’ll nail something down in the next few days anyway.

The venue has been established. It is Opal Divine’s Freehouse at 700 W. 6th St and Rio Grande St.

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