Selling Technosailor

For a period of two years in my life, back in the late 1990s, I lived in NYC. I loved NYC. I didn’t make much so it was hard to live there, but I loved it. In fact, I still love NYC. In August of 1998, I began thinking that my tme in NYC had come to an end. Sure, I could stay there for as long as I wanted, but would it have been the right thing to do. Somewhere deep inside, I realized that my time had come to move on, and though I didn’t want to go, I had to. It was the right thing to do.

On May 20, 2004 I began this blog having no experience in the blogging world. Blogging wasn’t even “big” then. There were essentially 4 blogging platforms, and Movable Type was the big one. WordPress was starting to gain steam. A new player was Textpattern and that was actually where I started. Finally, there was Blogger but it was as crappy then as it is now.

Technorati was really tiny. Google blog search hadn’t come on the scene. The big thing then was political blogging and although that is still around, I feel it has been eclipsed by technology blogging as the predominant blogging genre today.

I didn’t understand blogging then. I would learn, but it would take me two years to grasp the concepts that make this blog a success today. Along the way, Technosailor has been my stomping grounds.

The time has come to hand Technosailor off to someone else who can take it to its next iteration. Sad, really.

And of course, that someone else is yet to be determined. I’m looking to sell and I’m opening up bids (privately) today. I have a sweet spot, but I’m not going to give that away for now. Call it curiosity as to how much others value the blog.

The Specs

  • Page Rank 6
  • Pagestrength: 6
  • Technorati: Top 2600
  • Google Inbound Links: 3,250
  • Revenue: $0 transferrable. All revenue goes through b5 so this is not sellable. I can provide actual earnings via b5 though if you ask. I just won’t blog it. However, I’m sitting on some potential goldmines for monetization that I have not taken advantage of.
  • #3 in Google, #5 in Yahoo and #2 on Ask for the search term “myspace blogs”. I’m also #3 on google for allow_url_fopen, if the buyer was PHP/security oriented.
  • In January, I did 171k pages – inflated slightly due to a Digg and Techmeme effect.
  • I have between 250 and 300 feed subscribers
  • Added: Third time in 2 months being featured on Planet WordPress, making posts from Technosailor visible in every WordPress dashboard on the planet. Posts Featured: 10 Things You Need to Know about WordPress 2.1, WordPress Custom Fields Contest, and WordPress Auto Upgrade Script.
  • You get: Design and all related property (plugins, etc). All content except 15 posts of my choice that I wish to take with me. (posts on plugins I wrote along with relevant support thread, for instance).

Obviously, this has been my baby and simply because I post this entry does not mean there will actually be a sale. You have to hit my sweet spot. And even then, I have to be convinced you’re not going to turn this site into a hole. :) Email me privately if you are interested.

Update: Upon sale, Technosailor would no longer be a b5media blog. Just for clarification.

Update 2: The Sitepoint auction is live.
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