Podcasting Essentials: Finding Your Voice

This is a continuation of the series on Podcasting Essentials.

Much like blogging, people who begin podcasting are not likely to be “good” immediately. Usually it takes some practice and, like blogging, time to find your voice. Good podcasters, like good bloggers, continually improve.

One of the early challenges podcasters face is finding their voice. It’s common to have heard podcast, or radio personalities, and try to emulate them. Nothing wrong with that. People often end up with tendencines of those they look up to. More importantly, it’s crucial that a podcaster feel comfortable with themselves.

While recording, be yourself. As a listener, I can generally hear when folks are being fake and I resent that. I prefer someone who is real.

Tomorrow morning’s Suicide 60 podcast (available here after 9am on Monday) reflects a little of this is a little reflection on how I “keep it real”.

Most folks who are podcasters are not journalists. If they are trying to be journalistic, then it’s important to maintain vocal consistency. However, in most cases, joournalism isn’t necessary and raw emotion in a podcast keeps the attention of listeners.

There is no magic formula. It’s all about finding the right balance and the right voice. Find that balance, and listeners will pay attention.